002.location strategies


The environment
The seasuite hotel location would be at a depth of 50m in front of the coastline of castelldefels, a seaside town close to barcelona. The mediterranian sea is relatively quiet in terms of deep courants and therefore is an proper location for the hotel. Its warm waters are also fertile in animal and vegetal life providing interesting views to the guests. Due to the depth there are a number of requirements to solve concerning pressure and atmosphere regeneration. At the chosen area the sea bottom is mainly constituted by sand and rocks.


Bio inspiration
The gs seasuite hotel modules take inspiration from the coral, small animals belonging to the cnidaria, anthozoa class, that live together forming colonies. These species live in clear, warm and light waters growing and bending their skeletons together to form bigger structures known as riffs. These are ramified structures in red and pink colors and they are house for plenty other animals that find food and protection from their predators there.
The gs seasuite modules also grow together in a colony that offer to its inhabitants the most amazing views of the sea bottom, diving excursions and neutral buyoncy activities in a weightlessness environment.



The gs seasuite hotel is placed at a depth of 50m under the mediterranian sea waters and connected to earth through a 200m tunnel that provides access by electrical navettes. Both the hotel complex and the tunnel are pressurized with atmosphere regeneration and open loop environmental control and life support system (eclss). There are a total of 9 underwater modules including 5 suites, an underwater spa, living room, restaurant and the necessary installation rooms.