002.Private operators

GS-PA-STATUS Model (1)

Zero Gravity Corporation (also known as ZERO-G) is a Nevada  based company, formerly of Fort Lauderdale, which operates weightless  flights. The company operates a modified Boeing 727  which flies parabolic arcs similar to those of NASA ‘s Reduced Gravity Aircraft. Unlike NASA, Zero G is governed by the FAA under Part 121 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (as are all US commercial passenger and cargo airlines) enabling them to offer the experience of weightlessness to both adventure tourists and researchers alike.
Founded by entrepreneur Peter Diamandis , astronaut Byron K. Lichtenberg, and NASA  engineer Ray Cronise, the company is one of many private space companies working towards space tourism. A number of notable passengers have been on weightless flights run by the company, including Penn Jillette and Teller , Martha Stewart , Burt Rutan , Buzz Aldrin, and John Carmack . Theoretical physicist  Stephen Hawking also completed a shortened flight on April 26 >, 2007 . On December 9, 2007, Zero G hosted Adam Savage, and Jamie Hyneman  of MythBusters to prove or disproved whether the Apollo Moon landing was a hoax or not. The shoot aired in May 2008, and coincided with NASA’s 50th anniversary. On April 21 , 2007 , they began regular flights from Las Vegas  for the general public at ticket prices of USD $3,675. Good Morning America  aired promotional footage featuring their weatherman Sam Champion during a preview flight in Ohio . In March 2008, the company was acquired by Space Adventures. The current price of a flight for a single passenger is USD $4,950.00 (plus tax), or roughly $330 per parabola.