GALACTIC SUITE GROUP is a Barcelona based group of companies, which create opportunities around technology and people to promote a private access to Space. Founded in 2007 by Xavier Claramunt, the group creates and promotes cutting-edge concepts to foster alliances and help creating relationships among companies and research centres.

GALACTIC SUITE GROUP is actively involved in the development of a change of paradigm in the space business, where public actors and traditional large contractors will share scenario with smaller private entrepreneurial initiatives, including (1) private suborbital flights with reusable spacecrafts able to fly up to 100km and reenter in controlled gliding flights, and staying some minutes in microgravity; (2) private spaceports developed by private owners as first stones for complex real state and commercial operations; (3) private manned orbital stations to be used as space hotels or scientific private platforms; (4) private communications, global positioning systems, remote sensing satellites, provided with reduced sized satellites; (5) private access to the Moon or other bodies for mining, responsible exploitation of planetary resources, etc.

GALACTIC SUITE GROUP firmly believes that space contributes significantly to economic growth and to global welfare in a variety of ways. It helps developing a range of fundamental technologies cutting across current industry sectors that will generate significant additional employment. From health and medicine to leisure and entertainment, space generates new business opportunities and new technologies that will continue to revolutionize the way we live and work.

GALACTIC SUITE GROUP envisages the emerging space tourism industry as a major driver for this change of paradigm in the space economy. To create a complete driving project, the company designs, develops, and promotes of a fully integrated space-based tourism concept focused on giving people an extremely thrilling, transcendental experience: the GALACTIC SUITE EXPERIENCE will combine elements of training, leisure and entertainment, both on Earth and in orbit.

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