053.general configuration

3.6.1. General configuration
Gen II increased the size of Gen1.5 in about 100 times. The project intended to implement the growing scheme developed in Gen1.5 in this larger community. In order to do it, two major decisions are taken in the development of the general configuration for the Gen II settlement:
· The ring strategy is scaled by adding new rings in a certain pattern but also by increasing the size of some of them that will house special functions. Bigger transportation rings will surround the smaller rings.
· The project couldn’t develop new typologies of building that would surely appear during the years. Instead of that, the project has simulated a growing considering the archetypes developed for Gen1.5 but understanding that there will be also a scaling factor in the buildings size. Therefore, some rings will have buildings that fulfill their surface.

Large attention is put into the need for arriving to any part of the settlement with heavy machinery. In this direction, the rings are set up in a pattern that always leaves empty areas to go into the more crowded areas. The areas closer to these “natural” empty spaces are principally dedicated to the mining and refining functions in order to have direct entrance from the mining areas away. Accommodation areas are naturally getting denser and bigger structures appear. New government sieges and other socially relevant buildings will be built in strategically points such as the crossing point of the new ring axes.


The following drawing shows the distribution of Residential Rings and Industrial Rings in the Gen II growing settlement. The „city center” is naturally filled in with Residential Rings while the oustkirts fo the city grow with Industrial Rings: