046.accommodation area

3.5.3. Accommodation Area
On the rings that initially configure Gen1.5, one of them is devoted to the Accommodation Area. Here, there are placed all the buildings with “softer” functions: private accommodation, common areas and greenhouses.

One of the main criteria during the development of the project was the use of multiple technologies and therefore geometries for each of the functions and buildings to implement in the settlement. This brings into the project an inherently eclecticism and look of disorder, an idea that is even strengthened by an apparent random when placing the buildings.

This effect is not considered as a negative value for the project due to the fact that the ring structure offers a larger scale order where every piece is submitted. However, buildings have certain order when placed into the ring: greenhouses and common areas are closer to the perimeter in order to provide easier access from the wheeled underground ring road to bring goods in and out. The private accommodation buildings, on the other hand, can be just connected between them with the pedestrian paths.

The Accommodation Area therefore includes 3 transparent greenhouses, 2 opaque greenhouses, 2 common area buildings (including laboratories) and 4 private accommodation buildings. These include three 8m diameter and 4 storey building with a total of 9 single apartments and 3 double, and one 12m diameter building and 3 storey building with a total of 3 single apartments and 3 double (that could be divided into 12 single). The final number of apartments is 12 single apartment and 6 doubles for a total of 24 people in the Gen 1.5 settlement.

In order to provide some extra light to the ground floor of the common area buildings and, on the same time, provide the perimeter ring circulation with some views and light, a courtyard is planned around them.