035.common spaces, labs and medical

3.4.2. Common Spaces, Labs and Medical
Common space, laboratories and medical facilities will be integrated in a multipurpose steel technology building.

In this building the inner pressure is kept by a steel plate surface built with steel plates of about 90cm wide attached together by continuous welding. These plates would work also as outer structure to protect against sand storms. In the interior, gel bags would protect from radiation and they would be covered with an interior vegetal revetment that would cover big part of the walls and provide a friendlier environment. The presence of plants everywhere in the settlement was already a concept implemented in previous studies undertook by 4Frontiers Corp and Laguarda Architects Inc. in Gen1.0. This is also very important in Gen 1.5 development in order to provide elements that help to the psychological wellness of the community. Plants are providing friendlier environment when you are on Earth, but in Mars they even have more special means as they are the base of the sustainment of life in such a harsh environment: they are the base of the regenerative closed loop needed.

Interior slab structures in steel profiles and plates would also stand on the external steel walls and on interior steel columns that would also provide natural light to all the floors by having mirrors inside and holes on their surface and thus providing each level with a very special zenithal light.

The buildings would have 15 meters diameter and 10 meters height with two floors of multiple functions. The ground level would allocate some laboratories and a medical room together with some storage area. The upper floor would house the kitchen, a hall and living area, some laboratories and a 25 people auditorium. There would be two of these common area buildings with some differences in their layout. One of them would allocate a bigger kitchen and dining room to be the main place where the 21 people of Gen 1.5 meet to have meals together, as this is a very important activity for the wellness of the community. The second common area would also have a small kitchen to serve as a closer facility to the nearby private building.

Laboratories will be closed behind glazed walls and opaque fiber glass panels. Other areas such as the auditorium will be able to be closed by using curtains.  Height between floors is intentionally high, about 4 meters and spatial connections between the two floors are provided by having “holes” in the floors. The basement level would be dedicated to other uses such as installations machinery and storage.
The entrance level of the common area buildings is placed in the first underground level in order to give access to the net of pedestrian and wheeled corridors that connect the whole settlement. Three exits are provided from this level to the corridor net while egress exit from the upper level is provided through two staircases placed inside or besides the skylight cylinders.