034.private accommodation

3.4.1. Private Accommodation
Private Accommodation assumes a construction type of manufactured fiber glass cylindrical vessels. The configuration takes inspiration from the grain silos but special windows going out of the fa├žade will provide a special configuration and image to the building.

During production, a set of steel connections will be left in place in order to provide connecting points to interior structures and windows. Interior structure for horizontal floors would be attached through these connections to an external steel structure that would bring the loads down to the ground through foundations. This exterior main structure would have a secondary structure to carry gel bags for radiation protection and external revetment for sand storms protection. Windows would be attached both on the secondary structure and to the fiber glass steel connections.

There would be two sizes of fiber-glass vessels. One would be 12 meters diameter and 12 meters height. It would fit three storeys of private rooms with 3 rooms in each floor. An underground storey would allocate storage areas and other functions. Two staircases would provide emergency egress to the underground floor and exit from the building. Please refer to 4Frontiers Corp. for further details on this building type.

Another vessel would have 8 meters diameter and 15 meters height. I would also fit three storeys of private rooms with a single room in each floor, and a double room with mezzanine in the third floor. An underground floor would also allocate storage areas and other functions. One staircase would provide emergency egress to the underground level while a bridge on the second floor would connect to the neighbor private accommodation building in order to have a closed egress loop in an emergency situation.

Each floor has a single apartment with an entrance area with vacuum cleaner and storage. Each apartment would have a private bathroom area and living area. Bed would be a mechanism deployed from the wall and wheeled cupboards would move around to provide a more private bedroom if needed.