014.urban regeneration

2.3.3. Urban Regeneration
· As Gen 1.5 grows into Gen II, regeneration of the urban fabric will be required. Gen II will already allow bigger and more efficient buildings. The buildings will permanently be replaced and therefore wheeled access to each building has to be provided in order to let cranes and trucks in to work on them.


013.egress loop

2.3.2. Egress Loop
· Mars conditioned areas will need more than one exit to other conditioned areas in order to provide emergency egress into safe areas in case of depressurization or accident in one segment.
· Buildings will be connected together by pressurized corridors that will provide access from one to the next and will lock the entrances in case of accident, depressurization… in the neighbor building.



2.3.1. Sectors
· Gen 1.5 is a small settlement with all the residential areas, industrial, energy and mining areas very close to each other to minimize. Gen II will have larger areas dedicated to residential, industrial, energy producing and mining.
· As Gen 1.5 is continuously growing into Gen II dedicated areas will have to be defined not to have mixes between residential and industrial uses.