4. Conclusion

Throughout our evolution, mankind has developed cities in order to fulfill two general basic requirements in its life: the need for shelter and the need for social interaction. History of civilizations is often described by the way those civilizations’ individuals were living together in their human settlements. Modern civilizations however few times started a new settlement from scratch: the new city grew between the buildings or patterns of older ones. In the years to come, human settlements in Mars will face the challenge of establishing the first footsteps in a completely virgin environment while solving all the problems such a harsh environment will pose us.

This report describes the first steps of a urban design and the architecture for a human settlement in Mars established in a basis of a growing community of 21 people in Gen 1.5 to about 2000 people in Gen II. A growing scheme based on a circulation pattern has been presented and also the small architectures that initially might populate the spaces in between those paths. A deeper view into the Gen II would definitely provide new architectures more adequate to the growing complexity both social and technological of the settlement.