054.transportation system

3.6.2. Transportation system
Transportation around Gen II stands on what was said for Gen1.5 but it is increased in two levels.
· Major rings appear surrounding the growing pattern of the basic rings. These new rings provide faster transportation from one side to another of the city and would implement faster transportation systems such as multiple lane highways on the surface and either elevated tramway on the surface of underground subway below surface.
· Interior two-lane roads would be built straightly crossing the settlement: they would provide with fast connections inside the new order of bigger rings and would bring access to the earlier smaller rings.

Public services will be developed in order to provide with common transportation around the settlement both as tramway/subway or electrical buses. Private transportation will also be developed in the shape of electrical cars and scouters. Pedestrian and bycicle paths will be implemented and emphasized since the begining.

The following drawing shows a close-up of one of the new „neighbohods”  around the new scaled transportation rings: