045.transportation system

3.5.2. Transportation system
Transportation around Gen1.5 Settlement is provided in three levels:
· Surface transportation: wheeled heavy transportation non-conditioned roads will be conducted in the surface level following the ring growing pattern. A perimeter road will connect all the rings between them and allow access to every corner of the settlement for any construction machinery needed. The construction of these roads will stand on the underground transportation roads and will be very simply built in the Martian regolith by placing perimeter light buoys.
· Underground transportation: wheeled light transportation conditioned roads will be provided in further stages of the settlement development when an underground perimeter ring corridor for light electrical cars such as the ones used in golf courses. This transportation might not be needed in the very beginning of the settlement but further on will be very useful for community transportation between one ring to another. The construction of these roads will require open air tranches to be able to build the steel framework for the tunneled sections that afterwards will be covered with regolith. Some parts of the ring-road system will let the light in through courtyards and then glazed sections will be built.
When all the underground transportation system will be built, it will connect the whole settlement in a continuous volume. This would become a problem if decompression occurs in any point. In order to avoid it, several floodgates will be built in every ring to divide the system into smaller volumes that can be isolated in case of a loss of pressure.


· Underground paths: pedestrian underground conditioned paths will be built in order to connect all the buildings between them. Access to every building will be provided through pressure doors that will automatically close in there is a pressure loss. All of the buildings will have at least two accesses to ensure emergency egress loop. The construction of this net will require open air tranches in order to build the steel sections with continuous welding that afterwards will be covered with regolith.