037.opaque greenhouses

3.4.4. Opaque Greenhouses
Opaque Greenhouses would be built using concrete shell technology with a non-reusable inflatable form that would contain the inner pressure. The concrete shell would support the gravity loads of the concrete and the 30cm regolith above it for radiation protection. This technology would allow large span structures, very appropriate for the greenhouses.

Geometry of the building would be shaped using parabolic surfaces that would allow very thin concrete shells as Earth based architecture have demonstrated with very fine examples in the work of Felix Candela, Eduardo Torroja, Pier Luigi Nervi and many others.

Access from the net of pedestrian corridors would be placed in the underground level and plantations would be organized in the upper floor and mezzanine. In the underground water would be also recovered from the plants and initial storage of the vegetables produced. Wheeled access to the main wheeled ring would be provided in order to distribute the production to the other areas.