The Company

GALACTIC SUITE DESIGN is a leading company in conceptualisation and design in the aerospace industry. Founded in Barcelona in 2007, GALACTIC SUITE DESIGN develops concepts, design and interiors of habitats and vehicles in the aerospace sector. The project that first brought the company into the public eye was the Galactic Suite Spaceresort, which develops the first worldwide chain of space hotels combining orbiting and earth-based elements to offer a comprehensive experience in space tourism.

GALACTIC SUITE DESIGN is a team of professionals from different disciplines whose work is based on a constant reinvention of the way in which we understand existing processes, situations and objects. All work is developed based on propositive strategies in order to offer users the best possible experience. The working process is based on LISTENING without prejudices or preconceived ideas, ANALYSING the data provided and completing them to accumulate sufficient knowledge of needs, and LOOKING around in search of anything that society may need.