008.the construction

2009 09 3

The construction

The pressure and temperature requirements brings this hotel closer to a space station concept than a regular hotel on earth. The hotel would adapt technologies based on established space heritage.
Modular habitats with airsealed spherical independent interconnected units would provide an artificial atmosphere with controlled pressure and temperature. 

The modules shall be built by worldleaders space manufacturers, assembled and tested at sea level and then dissambled and brought to the chosen location by cargo helicopters known as skycranes such as the sikorsky s-64 also build by erickson. Prior to the final assembly in-situ, steel structures would be  plunged in place, above which the modules would independtly stand.

Each of the spherical modules shall be a compact, rigid framework in aluminum with multilayer shells.
The station shall be equiped with deployable, pointable solar arrays for power generation. Batteries are provided for night time power.

Communications and data handling and computers shall be provided both for personal an crew use.
Environmental control and life support systems (eclss) encompass all systems and subsystems needed to maintain life onboard a habitat isolated from normal earth conditions for human life. The station shall accomplish a certain level of regeneration, but shall still remain as open life support system, meaning that it shall be resupplied. Eclss includes:

-atmosphere management. Subsystem in charge of supplying, controlling and maintaining necessary atmospheric conditions in terms of composition, temperature an pressure to safeguard life.
-water management. Subsystem in charge of providing water both hygiene and potable. The presence of permanent snow will solve the problems of generation of water but treatment shall be required before returning it into nature.
-waste management. Subsystem dealing with the collection, treatment and storage of wastes, stabilizing them before geting rid of them.
-crew safety. Subsystems including fire detection and suppression, health monitoring, station monitoring and emergency support. Critical medical equipment shall be also included.

Thermal control system is mainly composed of a passive and a active tcs. Passive are integrated in the structure including surface oatings, insulation shields, heat pipes, etc. Active uses mechanical pumped fluid in closed loop circuit to keep heat balances with the exterior.
The interior design of the himalayas hotel shall be introduced in a very early stage of the project as it is extremelly important to the experience. Configuration will reproduce a continous bumpy landscape allowing the transition between the two floors in each of the modules. Within these bumps beds, tables, chairs, storage, restrooms and life support systems would be implemented with a sensual surface continuum.